Sports Competition Management


Powerful yet simple

Sportdata is packed with features and lots of built in intelligence to make the complex task of running a busy sports centre a breeze. Set up your competitions in minutes with powerful online software to draw your games and book your courts. Transfer, add or delete teams and re draw games and book courts any time.

Next-level features

See your games in a graphical view and drag and drop games to swap bookings in the printable day sheet. Easy results entry and real time automatic ladder creation. Easy integration into your website. We utilise the latest web techniques to give you a fully mobile responsive web site with a beautiful layout. Players can check their game fixtures and ladders using any computer, tablet or mobile phone. Send emails to players.

Built in score sheets

Produce printable score sheets with  game details. Click a check box to include players names. 32 beautiful and detailed score sheets for common sports such as basketball, netball, indoor cricket, volleyball, FUTSAL, soccer and generic. Produce all score sheets with a single click for a game, a league, a sport or a whole day.

Easy court booking

Set court availability for a league by simply selecting day of the week, the court and the start and end times for the availability. Or just copy the court availability from another league to share courts among multiple sports or leagues. Set clash teams in any sport and can’t play times for any team. Book courts automatically or manually and never worry about double booking courts.

Perfect for any team sport

Playing weekly round robin team sports? Create any sport and allocate points from a wide selection of parameters to give you fantastic flexibility. Unlimited sports, leagues and venues. Automatically draw fixtures up to 52 weeks for up to 16 teams in each league. Member database built in with team players and easy recording of players in games. Easy results entry with a whole day dashboard.

Online player registration

Players can login with Facebook and automatically create a profile in your member database. They can edit their contact details and see how many games they have played. Once logged in, players can apply to join a team. Team captains and vice captains can approve a player to join their team and can record the players in their team’s games.

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Sports Competition Administration

The most powerful and flexible application available. Cloud hosted and constantly updated and refined. Sportdata is mature and reliable, serving Australia’s largest indoor sports centres and sporting organisations since 2000. Reduce administration time and increase efficiency. Put your sports centre on Sportdata today.

Premium Custom Web Sites

Get a mobile responsive web site for your sports organisation. Integrated Sportdata game fixtures and ladders with news blog and social networking. You have complete control and can customise or add any web page yourself. Built with WordPress from $499.

Web Site Hosting

We will host and maintain your website on a fast, dedicated private server in the cloud. WordPress support included. Only $299 per annum.

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Keep up with the latest changes in Sportdata on our news page. Give us your feedback and suggestions for improvements and new features you would like to see.

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